Les Vins Nature @ SWS COEX 4월17일~19일

프랑스 반나츄르 12사의 생산자가 SWS 서울 와인 엑스포에 참가 결정!
이번 이벤트는 6일간 프랑스 각지의 샴파뉴, 로와르 , 랑그도크, 보루도, 코토듀론 지방의 와인을 선보입니다. 자연파 와인 생산으로 유명한 와이너리를 리스트업 했으며 현지에서 종사하는 각지의 엑스퍼트매니저가 출석할 예정입니다.

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Posted 18 February 2014, mid-afternoon by Olivier Silva

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Happy New Year for 2014

Bonne Année 2014! Plein de projets pour 2014!

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Posted 1 January 2014, early morning by Olivier Silva

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Le Vin Nature Commercial Activities

Established in Japan, Le Vin Nature Asia has been exporting superior wine to Asia since 2002. Our selection criteria are exclusively based on the sole wine quality, i e what is inside the bottle and not the bottle external appearance. Our selected winemakers grow their own organic grapes, devoid of any chemical inputs, pesticides, etc. And, of course, they never use any chemicals to make their wines.

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Posted 16 October 2013, mid-morning by Olivier Silva

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Bonne année 2013

Le staff de Vin Nature.com vous souhaite une bonne & prospère année 2013.

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Posted 31 December 2012, late at night by Olivier Silva

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Un film d’Olympe* et Yvon* Minvielle 1 h30
Titre du film : L’ESPRIT DU VIN
« Le réveil des terroirs »

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Posted 8 February 2011, mid-morning by Olivier Silva

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